27 September 2017

Budget Beauty: Makeup Remover

I've started a new series called Budget Beauty.
I'm not a huge product user. I bought my first foundation aged 19 and didn't know what contouring was till I was at University. I'm also very use to being skint all the time, as my brain just screams "TREAT YO SELF" every payday and I'm suddenly buying everything that makes me go "OOOO".
After a lot of self control and living the budget beauty life now for 2 years, I thought I'd share my knowledge. So, I'm starting off with the Primark Makeup Removing cloth. Just add water.


5 July 2017

Olivia Louise

I had the utmost pleasure in interviewing and capturing some pictures of Olivia Louise, an empowering artist. A singer and songwriter from Chester who believes everyone is beautiful in their own 'YOU'nique way. With her new project Juicy Fruit releasing soon, its not hard to see she's a visionary. I talk to Olivia about sexism in the industry, social media and #SupportYourMates.


1 June 2017

Depression and University

It was mental awareness month in May and I've just completed University. So, I couldn't think of anything more fitting to write about.
Now University is great. Its quite an experience, it's a lot about time management, being on it with your work and it's also a lot about the sesh. It also meant I had to deal with the tide. The unpredictable storm in my head.
This is just my experience of how I dealt with depression in the last 3 years.


5 May 2017


I had the pleasure of interviewing and photographing Liam Banks-Carr, stage name: DJ HYPHEN for a feature on my website, but also for the new movement #SupportYourMates, which will be looking at the small time movers and shakers that are exploding on their scene.

Hyphen, the Manchester based music producer and DJ in grime/garage/jungle/drum and bass, is certainly exploding onto the scene. He's the resident DJ for Tempa T. With his next big gig being Outlook festival it would be hard not to interview the fresh faced and passionate music maker.


30 April 2017

I will not conform.

I have been struggling with a lot recently.
Everyone goes through those hard stages, where you feel down. The waves of sadness, bitterness, confusion. The over thinking, spiralling thoughts going down. The panic. The shortness of breath. All because you don't feel like you can reach your goal, your dream. You don't know what you're exactly doing anymore. The hard work seems wasted and the motivation disappears.
I seemed to have lost myself.
Until I decided that I will not conform.

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