22 February 2018

New Tingz

Here she is! Here I am! Happy 2018!
I'm about 2 months late, but better late then never ever at all! 
If you are a friends or a social media vulture, you would have noticed, I jumped on a flight and left the UK, with my partner in crime/boyfriend/great hooman. 
Actually, I'm in a completely different timezone! I'm 11 hours ahead of the UK, which of course means I'm in Australia. 


7 December 2017

Gino D'Acampo Pizza & Prosecco Bar

Ah food! We all love a good restaurant review.
This occurred when me and my work friends went to Gino's Pizza and prosecco bar inside NEXT in the Arndale... and I had my camera.

So after walking through rails of boxers and men's underwear inside Next, we reached Pizza and Prosecco bar. The first thing that grabbed me how interactive it was. There was a pool and foosball table. There was also a mini shop on the left of the entrance that had some Gino cookery books and utensils. The decor wasn't stunning, but was simple to match a sophisticated bistro type look. There was enough natural light coming in from the glass front of NEXT. 

Walking through the restaurant, I spotted the open kitchen and the pizza ovens. In front of the chefs stations there were cured meats, cheeses and of course gelato!

We were taken to our seats and our menu's placed in front of us. The menu was well laid out and the colour scheme was eye catching yet simple and easy to read from.

Sticking to just water, we ordered starters to share and a main. Our starter was the Fantastico which consisted of parma ham, coppa di parma, bresaola, salame napoli, buffalo mozzarella, pecorino, buffalo ricotta, olives, chargrilled baby artichokes, sun dried tomatoes on garlic focaccia and ciabatta bread.. The flavours were sharp, creamy and tangy. It worked really well having the bread, bit of ham and creamy mozzarella having a party in your mouth.
We also ordered the calamari with lightly battered peppers and courgettes. Now calling my self a calamari enthusiast, I am cautious when ordering calamari starters at restaurants. I have my own rating system. Whether its crispy, not rubbery, fresh tasting and well seasoned. Calamari can be salty if not seasoned well. The batter was crispy, not rubbery and well seasoned. We squeezed lemon to add some sharpness to the calamari. The calamari didn't taste fresh however, but I'm not surprised. The best calamari I've ever had were in Barcelona which were caught fresh that morning and I don't think any other calamari would beat that.

We ordered mains that was advertised and a classic Italian dish. The salmon pizza was simple yet vibrant and tasty. The salmon was cooked perfectly and was garnished with fresh rocket. The wood fired pizza base was seasoned well, crispy, yet chewy!

We also got the classic lasagna. This however was slightly underwhelming. The over powering taste of basil was distracting from the thick sauce and lean veal mince. The top was perfectly cooked and crispy though. 

Overall, the feel of the place was inviting and was flooded with natural light. The food was delicious, but the lasagna was slightly underwhelming. Apart from the mains fiasco, I enjoyed visiting Gino's. I might just go in and get all the sharing platters...for myself.


6 December 2017

Kitty Underhill

I took a trip down south to London and during my time there, I managed to link up with Kitty Underhill (click her name to get to her website!)
I've worked with Kitty before. We met on set for Olivia Louise's music video "DOWN SOUTH" and following her on social media since, has definitely inspired me. #SuppportYourMates


14 November 2017

Skin Sealed: Gloss & Glow

I had the opportunity to head down to London, I jumped at the chance to work with creatives in the big city!
I managed to link up with SkinSealedArtistry and model friend Tyla. (Click on the name for links!)
I managed to explore Carnaby before meeting the girls.
I'm really happy with the pictures taken, as I was going for the portrait editorial look, while trying to stick to my minimal/natural editing style.
Tell me what you guys think!


7 November 2017


Quick portrait shoot with @karlpitter07  


27 September 2017

Budget Beauty: Makeup Remover

I've started a new series called Budget Beauty.
I'm not a huge product user. I bought my first foundation aged 19 and didn't know what contouring was till I was at University. I'm also very use to being skint all the time, as my brain just screams "TREAT YO SELF" every payday and I'm suddenly buying everything that makes me go "OOOO".
After a lot of self control and living the budget beauty life now for 2 years, I thought I'd share my knowledge. So, I'm starting off with the Primark Makeup Removing cloth. Just add water.

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