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So, I went on a 'Mad one' and got a few bits and bobs to upgrade my make-up.
E.l.f. had a sale, Superdrug had a 3 for 2. Now. I like the way it all looks...

So I grabbed a couple of stuff from superdrug:
I have prom coming up, and my colour theme is black and blue, hence the amazing blue by Collection called 'Sonic Blue'
The amazing 3 by Barry M; a normal glitter polish, to use has a glittery top coat, the new nail effects 'Monochrome Confetti' and 'Teal' which is an amazing mermaid like blue/green colour.
And finally, after reading a lot of reviews for the best matte top coat: Beauty UK 'Matte top coat'

Apart from the E.l.f Liquid eyeliner everything else was purchased from Superdrug.
I have been using a gel liner by Rimmel for a while now and when I finished it I wanted to go back to the eye-liner with which i started my make-up journey with! 2-true waterproof eye-liner, it gives amazing, precise and crisp lines.
I got a sapphire file too, mainly because I was getting fed up of the different quality you can get with emery boards, so I thought I'll put some more money in and get a proper file for my nails. They have been growing amazing well recently too!
I got the wash in, wash out colour in the colour 'Burgundy Red' because my hair is dip dyed and there are a few light areas in my hair, which are a mixture of brown and ginger, so I thought I'd make my hair more vibrant without the hassle of fully and permanently dying it!

They had a sale on, and I was in need for some new products and an eye shadow palette that I was wanting to take on my travels to India, as I was doing peoples make-up.
So when I found out that the '100 piece marble eye shadow palette' was £5, I couldn't really say no!
I also got a tone correcting concealer in the colour 'Honey' and an eyelid primer in 'sheer'
I also got the eye liner from them, mainly to give the product a try and because it was 98p!

I like a bargain!

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Got new stuff planned soon! Keep watch!

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