Been to any Lush stores recently or popped on-line on to their new and swanky looking website?
No? I reckon you should do it!

Yes, I do work for LUSH cosmetic's and have done for a year and a half now, but they are constantly improving past formula's and mixing up new concoctions, which even gets us staff members excited!

So in this year 2014, they have bought out A LOT of new products (and rumour has it MORE products!), but also re-vamped some Lush cult products...

So I've tried them all out!

Meet the new self preserving team:

Dream Cream
It is a dream! We call it the miracle cream in store! The new formula is more rich and I find a lot more creamier than the previous formula. It still has the amazing oat milk which is soothing and softening all types of skin, even sensitive.
The tops of my arms are really dry and sometimes so red and look spotty, so I attack it with dream cream and it works amazingly well for me! I've even used this on my face when my face decided it wanted dry patches on my skin as well as being oily.
Rating: 10/10

Sympathy for the skin
The smell of this cream is SHAMZING! There has been a buzz about the new Sympathy formula through the whole of Lush, every staff member have become obsessed and in turn made customers obsessed too! The old formula was a nice banana custard type smell, however I remember buying a pot and it smelt like one of those 'plastic gooey aliens' you use to play with when you were little. I found it was because, some batches of bananas they used might have gone off earlier then expected. The new smell is more like 'Kinder eggs' and it goes on so beautifully! Its incredibly softening and if you want a thicker/whipped cream feel in comparison to Dream cream, this is definitely the one to treat your skin with!
Rating: 10/10

Ocean Salt
This scrub is the only one I'm feeling a little wishy washy about. The old forumla was great, but it wasn't my 'go-to' scrub. With the new formula it is definitely thicker and more moisturising for the skin. For the harshness of the scrub, I would recommend putting the scrub straight on your skin. For a softer scrub, dampen your face before putting ocean salt on. I'm not massively keen on the smell and I can never pinpoint what it smells like. That being said, I use ocean salt before an important event or if I'm going on, has it made my face so much softer that my make-up glides on.
Rating: 7/10

I will be doing more LUSH reviews and trying out more products, so keep your eyes peeled!

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