LUSH cosmetics: 3 new products!

So my time has come where I have left the wonderful team of LUSH Meadowhall and the LUSH family.
But just before I left I got the necessities that I couldn't live without and the 3 new snazzy products that they've brought out!

Say 'Aloha!' to Zest, African Paradise and D'Fluff!



Now this one is a hard one to review for me. Why? Because I don't shave! I'm a waxer/epilator, both very painful yes, but it has been a year since I've shaved my legs and underarms so I'm use to it. So I've not used other shaving foams or creams as such. But I've decided to give it a go, mainly because it smells so edible and its mousse-like and I just needed to try it! So I used it between the awkward stage of when your hair is growing back and you need to wait until its long enough to wax again.
I am not a converted shaver, but it was so nice! My legs were incredibly soft after use and felt moisturised. I didn't have any razor bumps or rash which I am very prone to getting!
I think that the smell of the product also changes! After I applied it and began shaving, I thought it smelt like tea/chai, very fresh and pleasant! I also found that you could spread the product very easily so you didn't need to use a lot of the product. I would definitely recommend this product to all the shavers out there!


My words can not describe my love for this product! The smell, the hold of the product and how it looks in the hair is incredible. 
Yes, Its a jelly in a tub, quite sticky, and not the beautiful looking at first glance, but the proof in in the pudding. You always want to put something in your hair that smells amazing and with this, it will be! Its got orange, petitgrain and neroli oils in the product, which makes Zest, citrus and uplifting. 
When using it you have to be very careful about not putting too much product in your hair as it can make your hair look very shiny and it just doesn't feel right! So always apply a little and build it up if you think you need extra hold. I've used it to define and hold my curls and I must admit, it does a better job than hair spray. I also have a feeling that this tub might last me and really long time! 

African Paradise

I'm not going to lie, when I saw that LUSH were bringing out a new body conditioner I wondered if it would live up to Ro's Argan Body conditioner...It has exceeded it. African paradise is an intense body conditioner, after using it, I didn't need to apply any moisturiser on after, which is a time saver. It will work wonders on your skin if its dry and even moisturiser isn't enough for you. The smell of it reminds me of warm vanilla with almost nutty/floral undertones, Its a strange smell to describe, you'd just have to smell it! I find that it is a lot more thicker and heavier than Ro's Argan, so people with normal skin wouldn't need a lot, maybe half a handful for both arms, whereas people with dry skin could use the handful for both arms! 
It also works amazing well on cuts or burns, I believe its the aloe vera in the product that helps the soothing and the healing of the skin. 

If you're every around a LUSH store, I'd say pop in! Demo African paradise, try out the D'Fluff and take Zest home!

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