I've gone travelling!

Has the title says, I have gone travelling!
I'm gone for a month and few days! 34 days without me!
I decided to do a quick post explaining where I am going and the plans for when I get back!

The picture is from the last time I went to India! This year I am returning to India, for a longer time of 3 weeks, then me and my family are heading to Dubai, after India, for a week!
While you're reading this post now, I'll already be in India.
From India, I will be social networking (Twitter and Instagram mainly Its_pripri), but not blogging, has I won't have enough time to sit and write, edit and/or have a strong internet connection to upload it!

Plans for the future!
I really hope I stay true to my words! I've recently bought a tripod and I've been playing and exploring different editing software's...that is right guys, I'm going to plunge into the world of YouTube.
I am excited and nervous, I've been looking at different ideas and planning them out already.
I have 3 full video ideas that I plan to film when I get back and a plan of a couple of other videos. I am so excited to also say, that I have planned a couple of new changes and new projects/posts that'll be taking place with the blog!

I hope you guys have a lovely 1 month without me! Like I've mentioned do follow me on the 2 main social media sites I'll be using whilst over there.
TO NEW AND EXCITING THINGS! Have a lovely summer!

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