Prom Make up: Beth's smoky eye's

So it was my last prom at my sixth form!
Me and my friends booked a hotel room, so we could get ready beforehand and we had a place to crash after without it costing us a lot of money to get home.
I did the lovely Beth's make up and hair! She trusted me enough to cancel her hair appointment...pressure was on!

 Here's the beautiful Beth- before and after!
She's not angry, we were in a rush to leave!

Here is all the products I used! (I also used Rimmel's Face Primer has a base and Beth's own foundation: Benefit's Hello Flawless...The red lipstick is also Beth's own, I would recommend MAC's Russian Red for the same red colour )

All the products that were used! 

The colour's in the picture are true to the actual palette!
This is the Beauty UK's Posh Palette. I used the First 2 colours on the top row (A light copper colour and Cream shimmer) and the matte black.

Sleek's Face form kit. This is in the colour medium, which is suitable for my skin tone (Mac 45, Estee Lauder Amber Honey), so I had to blend it out very well on Beth.
I used the matte contour powder just to add definition and make the face more 3D. Then used the highlighter on the brow bone and cheekbones...and BLEND!

Sleek's powder blush in Flushed 935, which I stippled onto Beth's cheek, in between the highlighter and contour.
Then blended it, I just wanted it to look natural and not to heavy since her eyes were smoky!
I finally used MUA's Matte Perfect loose powder, just to set the foundation and everything, applying more onto her T-zone areas.

Beth applied her own fake eyelashes but went over with NYC's Sky Rise mascara

and lastly, 2 true eye liner just on top of the lash band, flicking it out on the sides. 

Has Beth's face is round in shape, I followed this contour/highlight/blush guide. (Full picture with all different face shapes, is on my Pintrest, in my make up board)
This guide is really good for knowing where to highlight, contour and apply blush, it really makes a difference and defines you face accordingly, so check it out!

You have all been amazing, I've got a couple of comments regarding my blog and thank you lovelies for reading it!
Have a prom selfie!
Till the next post, Bye!

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