Colour eye liner!

I always have my standard black cat eye-eye liner. That was a mouth full to say has I typed it out.

However for prom I jazzed it up with a bit of colour and I think its gonna be a popular trend for the summer-to-fall transition. I've already seen a lot of make up guru's and a couple of magazines do their own take on the coloured eye liner.
Mine is slightly different and its actually quite simple to do! 
I didn't even do a make up trial.

You need 2 different coloured liners. I've got black and blue.

First, apply your concealer and if you want a eyelid primer. Here I am using my Estee Lauder Double wear conceler in the colour 02 light medium.

Then take your black eye liner, which ever you feel comfortable using. I'm using the E.l.f Eye liner. Draw a line that is angled from the end of your eyebrow to the end of your eye - like so.

Now, this is where I usually half close my eyes and pull the black liner from the end of the line to the inside of your eye. Like the picture, can't explain eyes properly!

Time to colour in! Get your second colour, I've used the blue from the Barry M range. I highly recommend the Barry M liners has it doesn't crack and stays looking bright.

Then I've just applied mascara (NYC Showtime) to my upper and lower lashes, I haven't curled my lashes here. 
Go over the Black liner gently and boom! Should look like you are pro with the liners! 

And those were my eyes!

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