What You Learn From Living Alone

Its been 5 months since I moved out. Moved away from Sheffield, into Manchester.
I moved to Manchester for university. I'm a first year Nutritional Science student at MMU. Boom.

In the 5 months of living alone, fending for myself and meeting new people, I have learnt a lot of things. 
The idea of moving out, away from your parents or guardian is an amazing, exciting and an opportunity most, if not all, teenagers crave for. I thought in July, "I'm a few months away from turning 20, how perfect to move out and experience my life to the extreme and fullest! A space that is my own, I can do as I please, whenever I please and my way of doing things"
However, in these 5 months of bossing it alone, I've learnt a lot about myself, my emotions and I've had a lot of time to think.

With no one to wake you up, you get every sleeping disorder...
So this is a genuine problem for me at the minute and I'm working on making is right. I seem to have become a night owl, like most students here. Party hard at night, get your 4 hours sleep, get into zombie mode, go to uni, get back, maybe have a nap, and then BOOM, you're awake again till 3/4 in the morning. You decide when bed time, food time and shower time is. I've had mornings where I have struggled to get out of bed and ended up having to slap myself to wake me up. The snooze button is not an option. You can avoid this all together, but you've got to have a lot of self control.

You'll find yourself spilling your life story to anyone listening
Actually realising that you like talking. A lot. Maybe because you aren't talking as much to many other people or because you've been cooped up in your room for a while worrying about money and coursework deadlines. My realisation is that, my local corner shop owner is a pretty sound guy. I have had some pretty good chats to him about the health benefits of cranberry juice and what I want to do in the future. We've also had some deep discussions of the spiritual meaning in life. 

...Or you talk, sing and/or verbally abuse yourself
I've noticed that I talk to myself. Its not a weird thing anyone should be worried about, its more of a: "WHERE DID I PUT THAT POUND COIN! IT WAS HERE, NOW ITS- found it, silly Priya"
I've also began singing...all the time. I'll get a song in my head and I'll just sing!
The downside is, when I do something stupid or regretful, I don't have anyone around me telling me off. So I do it. I kind of half shout at myself and tell myself I need to get my act together and then I'm good to go. However I have also realised if someone else tells me off now, I get butt hurt quite easily. I need to toughen up again. 

Living alone gives you an excuse to be crazy...
It really does. I've gone out for walks to the corner shop at 1 in the morning, deciding to cook at 3 in the morning and spend most of my student loan on various amounts of stuff. Not exactly the type of 'cray' you were expecting, but I've done and tried things I wouldn't have before - I got so wasted that I had help getting home and into bed. You decide for a bit that self control is not needed. I would say that it's definitely opened up a few doors and once again helped me meet new people. 

I'm doing it right now.... I'm meant to be revising chemistry for my course... but Netflix, cleaning my room, cleaning the oven, taking the bins out, researching different Yankee candle scents and sleep all day seems like a better option. I don't have anyone to blame but myself.

Food portions are out of the window
I either make just the right amount of pasta for 1 child or just enough to feed a family of 10. I have started eating more that's for sure, but I'm not sure if its because the winter season is passing by and your body needs fat during this season, or just because "HA, its 2 in the morning and I'm craving soft dough balls". 

Money issues...to alcohol, or not to alcohol?
Yes. Us students! Spending all the money on partying and going out! Not always the case, Most of my loan went on accommodation, food and new clothes. So has October came along I felt the squeeze... It has became a case of: Do I buy 24 crisps pack or that cheap Rose that'll get me merry for Friday night?
I have stopped snacking. 

You crave peoples attention, you want to be surrounded by people
When you receive and get attention from people, you can't let it go. My flat family can vouch for me on this. There have been times where I'm got overly excited to see them and then I get annoying and I get all lovey and tell them all how much I love them all... They must be so worried about me. I've started enjoying peoples company more, I'm not sure why, since I use to spend countless hours in my room at home, every now and then venturing to the kitchen for food.

Remembering those old friends...how are they doing?
You try to keep contact, but its a 2 way street. They need to put in the effort, you put in the effort and it works. However I'm gutted to say, with some friends, I've lost all contact, in certain cases it's become sour...but at the same time, I've had old friends, who I've not spoken to for a long time, pop up and ask how I've been.

This is the one thing I wouldn't recommend, You begin to over think,
I've sat in my room and over thought about various things. I've laughed by myself and I've sat and cried by myself for hours at times. You try to figure things out in your head, you think you can sort everything out, when sometimes you just have to relax and see where things take you. 

Don't get me wrong, I love living on my own, I have so much control over everything I do. But if you're dependant on parents or people it can be hard to transit into living on your own.
I can't wait till next year where I'll be living in a house with my "Flat Family", and hopefully we can sort each other terrible sleeping patterns out... (I can only see it getting worse with late night cooking sessions)


  1. I used to live alone, I had a real love/hate relationship with it. On the one hand, I do like my own company and I loved that everything would remain nice and tidy! On the other hand, I developed a terrible sleep disorder too, and I think I actually because less sociable. Really interesting read, I hope you get your sleep problems sorted xx

    1. Thank you for reading :)
      Exactly the same for me! I'm starting to stay in a lot more too and do stuff by myself. fingers crossed! I've been waking up early the past few days, so hopefully the sleeping pattern should be back in order!

  2. I love this! Everything is so true!! <3


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