An open letter to my old friend...

There are many times that I have thought of an old friend. We all do. With social media and the wonderful internet, the people we built memories with suddenly become strangers whose life we can see pan out before our eyes. 
I decided to write this with all my old friends faces, memories and emotions in my mind. Its not just for one particular person. 
Its for everyone that I ever lost.

To my dear old friend

I miss you. I look at pictures and wonder whatever happened to us. Was it your relationship with him/her? Was it me drifting away from you? Was I too obsessed with my own world, that I forgot to give you my attention that you deserved?
We were so close. You know all my secrets. My first crush. My first love. My first sip of alcohol. My first kiss. My first cigarette. The trips we took into town were we just spent the day lazying and laughing at the kids on scooters that annoyed the skaters on the skate park.
You laughed so much at me when I first dyed my hair blue, but it ended up going green. All those gigs we went to? We went to A LOT of gigs... We had so many plans. So many places we wanted to visit together, we can't do that, can we?

Why did we grow apart? Is it because you moved away?
I wish you weren't that person I used to know. You life with new people makes me happy. I'm so happy you're happy. Memories of us has completely replaced the reality of what we were.
I've grown up so much. Would you be proud of the person I've become now? Would you think I'm better now? I'm sure you've grown up and changed too. We all do. You're becoming this amazing person I barely know. You've just become that name on my timeline/news feed.

Could we be friends again? Would that work? I wish I could meet your new friends and tell them never to leave you, because you're amazing. I wish I could hug you when you cried. Would it be weird if I turned up at your door like I use to and have a cup of tea in the garden?

We fear so much in life. We fear the future sometimes. We worry about it. Is it is going to be like how we want it to be? Am I still going to be your child's godparent? Remember when we said our kids would grow up together, just like we did? Friendships have become hard. It was so simple. Life is busy, noisy and you get caught up in the web. It isn't easy to rebuild a friendship. It isn't easy to maintain and keep them. But sometimes, when its lonely, I miss you. I look at pictures. People miss other people everyday and do nothing about it. I wanted to write this letter because I wanted to do something about this empty space. To show you, how much you meant to me. Because you meant so much. I'm sorry if I messed up. I really am. I want to fight this distance between us, the effects of us growing up and moving on. But I can't.
Maybe you feel the same? Maybe you don't? I just wanted you to know I care. I always have. Even when I don't seem to. Maybe you'll read this and smile. I hope you do. Maybe you'll read this and it will be your closure.

Thank you for the memories. Thank you for your time and love.

Your old friend.

Thank you


  1. I miss you so much Priya.
    I love you!
    Maryanne xxx


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