My first Glossybox!

Glossybox. A box that is delivered to your home, filled with beauty goodies, great for anyone that wants to discover new products to test and try.
So I signed up for 3 months. I wanted to see what new beauty things I could discover in these boxes.
The sign up was easy, the price was nicely discounted if you bought more boxes and it was all so sophisticated.
I've seen previous boxes and had really mixed feelings about some of the products they sent out, but I thought I should take the plunge and find some new and interesting products!

February Glossybox

The packaging it came in was sophisticated and sleek and protected my 4 products really well. There was a mini pack of love hearts too, which I thought was a cute little extra!
I used the products several time, so I could give you a better review of each goody!

So these were the 4 products that were inside the box.... (You get 5, but during the packing stage they missed out one of my products, but Glossybox were amazing about the situation and said they would replace the item soon) 

I didn't take a separate picture of the Wilkinson Sword, Hydro silk razor, but you can see the product and and the packing of it in the picture above.
Its a very light weight and sleek looking razor. Now truth be told, I don't really use razors, I epilate and wax, but I thought I'd give this a go. Inside the package you also get a razor holder that has a suction pad, so rather then leaving it on a wet surface, you can stick it inside your shower, which I think is pretty handy.
The razor is amazing to use. It had moisture strips that makes the blades glide on your skin. Compared to various other razors I've used growing up, it gives an actual close shave, you can use it without shaving foam (but you have to make sure the area you're shaving is wet), its not cut me and left my legs feeling hella soft.

The second product I received was a lip butter by Royal Apothic called Tinties which is worth £9. The packaging of the product is very fancy and looks quite pretty. The colour pay off is really nice and subtle, even though its a tint. Looking at the colour, its not really a tint I'd use for my skin tone, but it actually suits it very well.
Doing some background research into the product, I found out that people with dry/pale skin use the tint on their cheeks as well as its extremely moisturising with the 3 oils (Grape seed oil, almond and argan oil) and shea butter. I haven't really used it on my cheeks, so I can't really say much about the colour pay off there. It is a really nice product, but I wouldn't really go out of my way to re-buy the product, but can understand why someone who can get the 2 tint uses out of it can go for the product.

The next product was 3-FLURONICS, anti dark circles eye cream by Face D. The bold claims are that it reduces under eye circles and treating fine lines and keeping the firmness around the eyes.
I used it everyday for 2 weeks, I used tiny amounts twice a day, at night and day. I have a little product left. Now dark circles appear for various amounts of reasons or are inherited, my dark circles are mainly from the lack of sleep I get, so I saw the slightest improvement, but that could also be from me improving my hours of sleep I got. I also never use eye cream, so I don't really have any other eye creams to compare it to, but the skin around my eyes are definitely softer and feel firmer.
I'm unsure If I'd recommend this product to anyone to be honest especially with the £20 price tag.

Marsk is a mineral eye-shadow, and this particular colour is inspired by the Fifty shades of Grey film. for a more intense grey on the eyes mixing it with water and applying it over primed eyes works really well. I've also used this particular colour during the day, but applied it lightly and it worked really well. So its a versatile colour that can be used day and night and the colour can be built on to.
I would recommend this eye-shadow to anyone, but for the price for £14.49, you have to get the best.

I've just received my march box so I'm going to use the products and give you a review soon!
Thanks for reading!

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