Estée Lauder Double Wear Review

It feel's really weird that I'm doing a foundation review, when 2 years ago I'd never have worn it and was being given foundation blending tips, from a guy.
2 years on, I've tried a range of different foundations and found 3 that are compatible for my skin! 

So here's my review on Estee Lauder's Double wear foundation....

I wanted 5 things from my foundation
- No oxidisation (The foundation going darker or more orange as time goes by)
- No breakout
- Not break the bank
- Good for Oily/combination skin 
- Good coverage, but not heavy on my face

I tried many different foundations, trying out different shades and samples, till I reached the Estee Lauder counter.
The foundation bottle is very sleek and sophisticated. I felt quite shy hanging around the counter has it did seem to aim for an older audience, while all the girls my age were by the MAC counter. Unfortunately for me, MAC foundations made me breakout, maybe it was my teenage skin being oily and annoying, but it just didn't sit right with me.

I was given 2 different colour samples - Rich Chestnut and Amber Honey
The foundation that suited me the most was Amber Honey (For people with similar skin tone to me, that's NC 45/50 in MAC shades)
I was given enough foundation for me to try each sample out over 4 days.

This is how the foundation sits on my skin (I have just applied the foundation and no other make-up)....

In natural lighting

and with flash

Has you can see I have yellow/warm undertones, so with most foundations it can be too ashy or too dark on my skin, but with this foundation, it blends straight in giving a flawless finish.

The foundation feels super light and it hasn't made me breakout. I mainly use this foundation on nights out or I mix it with my moisturiser during hot days (rare in England, but it happens sometimes), because the staying power on this foundation is AMAZING! I've danced all night, and got home at 4 in the morning and Its not moved! I've not no streaky lines or patchy areas. I usually use Ultrabland by Lush to remove any make-up from my face at the end on the night.

The downside is not the foundation itself, but the bottle it comes in. It has no pump, so sometimes you can't control how much foundation comes out of the bottle. However I easily solved that by getting a MAC dupe pump for eBay replacing the lid. 2 pumps and its more than enough for a brilliant coverage.

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  1. Reading this has made me want to convert back to Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation! I have combination/oily skin too, and eve though MAC Studio Fix Fluid is incredible, it doesn't beat this foundation!

    Jess x x


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