Glossybox 2!

My Glossy box March review! 

I adore the packing of the Glossybox, its so sophisticated and sleek.
I'm not going to lie, I loved this March box more then my February box.

I received 6 products in the Glossybox.

Dove Shampoo and Conditioner, Youthful and Vitality, for ageing hair.
The full size of the shampoo and conditioner is £5.99. Now my hair is quite dry and damaged, due to years of bleaching, hair dying and using heat styler without using heat protectors (Silly mistakes made by a young Priya). So this shampoo and conditioner combined is suppose to replenish lost nutrients in dry and weak hair, making your hair feel stronger, sleeker and look thicker. It adds moisture to your hair that's for sure, however my scalp is oily, so I find my hair getting greasy quite quickly after using this product. I love the smell of the products and really like the conditioner on its on to add to the ends of my hair. So if you fine your scalp is dry and needs some well needed moisture, give this shampoo and conditioner, however if it's just the ends of your hair, I would recommend using the conditioner with a different shampoo.

Essence, Lash princess Volumising mascara which is £3.30.
Now this product is worth its money. I find that it coats my lashes evenly, even the really small ones on the side. the wand shape is suppose to create volume and length. Length-wise I can't really tell a difference, but it definitely volumises my lashes coating each lash and spreading it out. I'm really careful with what mascara I use, since I wear contacts and so my eyes get irritated quite easily and this didn't irritate or itch my eyes.

Sleek make-up, Pout Paint in the colour Lava 155 at a full size is a £4.99.
I got this highly pigmented orange colour, you can mix this with your previous lipstick and turn it into more of a summery shade. Its easy to apply, but I feel its a bit sticky on my lips and with my hair length, sticky lipstick/lipgloss is a no go. Blotting is necessary. I want to try the different colours and shades they have as I think I'd use the colours more and have more fun playing with the colours.

NCLA nail lacquer in the colour Like...Totally Valley Girl at £13
This nail polish is AMAZING. That's it. It applies easily, doesn't have a weird sticky polish feel to it, it sets really well on the nails and almost gives your nails a fake look, but trust me its good when people ask you where you got your nails done and you're all smiley pointing at yourself. If paired with the correct base and top coat it for sure lasts up to 10 days (Thats how long it lasted on my nails before it started chipping and peeling),
Nails on fleek. Nail Lacquers are the way to go.

Naobay, Moisturizing peeling at £13.71. This is a exfoliater. There's a lot of hype surrounding this product. Personally I'm not feeling it. Its lovely and moisturising and the ground up acai berries give a subtle buffing action on my skin. But...I'm not quite sure it's worth the price as there are many cheaper moisturising/exfoliating options on the market that won't break your bank.

These are my honest reviews after using the products for 3 weeks, so I get a good use out of them and I can gather my thoughts and opinions on each individual product. I love the fact that I can try out these new products that I usually wouldn't go and probably buy.

I've received my 3rd box, so watch out for the next review on the box!

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