7/5/2015 Britain Votes

Don't be an idiot, gullible or do it because someone else is, while voting tomorrow.
Yes politicians don't keep up to their word because there's always a higher power in control saying "nah".
But while voting tomorrow, remember we're deciding for the future.
Think about your future, kids futures, the environments future and this country in general.
You don't want to break everything down in 4 years that took Britain years to build, you don't want to destroy the environment more then you or anyone else already has, you don't want an unrealistic expectation where you either start believing in unicorns or has a country we lose a lot of money and we definitely don't need any more segregation and discrimination in the workplace/community. 

read a simplified ballot, open your mind and views, don't vote for someone just because your parents or mates are voting for them, and make the right decision yourself.

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