Bodyshop Bloggers Event

The Body Shop in Manchester Arndale, held a bloggers event for all us Manchester bloggers to try out their new products and get discounts on their previous products. 
I've never really visited The Body Shop to shop for myself, but I've always gone in to do my Christmas shopping or received presents from there; I was mega excited to see what all the products were about.
I took along my university flatmate Ethan along with me, so you'll see him in a few of the pictures.
A big shout out to him for being the only guy there and coming along with me!

Soon as we went in, they had these amazing pineapple and Malibu cocktail and Strawberry and cream smoothie laid out. I picked out the pineapple and Malibu cocktail which was handmade by one of the lovely ladies working in store. They also had a chocolate fountain, with strawberries and marshmallows.
It was all a fancy affair.

There were a lot of amazing products, there was also a men's section; but Ethan likes stuff that smells good. Me and Eth grabbed a few products for our face, he finally has a facial cream!

Men's Section

When Ethan laid eyes on facial cream for the first time...

The new tanning/bronzed products 

A rainbow of products! The Green Tea products smell AMAZING

The store. We got an amazing skin consultation from Fiona
I also grabbed a few products and got a few freebies from the lovely girls in the store!
I will be doing a review on some of these products, has you can see I've used the Tea Tree, skin clearing toner a fair amount!

Thank you to the The Bodyshop in Arndale for holding a super fun bloggers event!

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