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So I got tagged by the lovely Jessie to do a tag called "11 Things you didn't know about me"
Its a simple, answer 11 questions from a blogger who has tagged you, then you tag  a maximum of 10 bloggers and make up 11 different questions and they answer it!

I'll be answering the questions from Jess:

Where is one place in the world you would love to visit?

I have a huge list of places I want to visit! I just can't choose!
The few places I do want to visit is Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia and most of the American states like Arizona, California etc,

Hot drinks or cold drinks? Why?

Hot drinks, I'm a coffee and herbal tea addict. Cold drinks really mess with my throat as well, so its quite rare I have cold drinks, unless its a smoothie or milkshake. 
Matcha Green Tea from Federal Cafe

Summer or winter? Why?

Summer, I just feel more productive, more alive and with the days being longer, I feel like I can motivate myself more to do a certain project or go out. I feel my mental health is a lot better in summer as well

What is your current beauty essential?

Tea tree essentials from The Body Shop! My skin is suffering at the minute due to me not drinking enough water and some time pigging out on junk. So the toner water and pore minimiser is great to use! 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I honestly don't know. There's been many times in my life, that I've planned what I want to do and how certain things should go, and when it doesn't I use to get upset. For the past year I've had a "Go with the flow and say yes" attitude and it seems to be working for now. 
I just hope I'm happy, doing something I enjoy and have passion for, with a degree, with someone I love, with my friends and family around me.

If you got given the opportunity to run a store, what would it be and why?

It would be a creative store! It would have 3 floors with all DIY, art and cooking sort of stuff, but it can be a chilled out spot and have a little cafe in there too. 

What is your favourite seasonal event? Why?

I enjoy Halloween so much! I don't know if its my inner 14 year old goth or just the fact that I love dressing up and throwing parties.

What is your number one main hobby?

Does, singing while no one is in the house, count? If it doesn't, then blogging and photography would be my favourite hobby. If singing while no one is in the house count, then I'm having that.

Dark or light lip products? Why?

Majority of my lipsticks are Red's and burgundy's. I shy away from bright and bold lips I'm not sure why... I have started wearing dark pinks and coral lip glosses this summer though, so I'm slowly embracing change,

Have you ever considered university?

I'm at university now! I'm studying Nutritional sciences. I've always considered university, because it had the appeal of moving out.I just struggled on what course I wanted to do. I changed my mind 3 times in one year, wanting to do journalism, to biology and photography Dual Hons or Microbiology. I'm so glad I picked what I did. 

What is your favourite piece of advice you would give to others?

Do what makes you happy, because there is karma, there is luck and if its meant to be it'll be. You are the number one, keep yourself happy and surround yourself with the right positivity.

SO! The bloggers I have chosen are: 

Jana | Life of Jana
Katie | KTMY

Your questions, my lovely ladies, is:

What's your hobby?
Are you a coffee or tea addict?
What Inspires you the most?
Your Favourite quote?
Favourite song or most played song of the past week?
Do you have any piercings?
What would your perfect holiday be?
Your favourite shop?
Do you speak any other languages, if not what language would you like to learn?
Favourite body spray or perfume? why?
2 pet peeves?

Can't wait to read your replies! Have fun!

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