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I had the best invite last week to ESMIÉ Style...I got to be there while they shot their promo video/photos for the MCR Fashion Industry 'BLUE HUES' show. 

Rebecca and her Esmie Style team are the main hair stylists for the fashion show, taking place in Manchester, Milton Club.
On the day of the shoot, the lovely Samantha Green, who did the makeup and hair of the models, while Rebecca led the shoot.

The promo video and photos were taken by Amir Shah, who is also the main videographer for the event.
The 2 models I had the pleasure of meeting on the day were Reem and Al-Nawassri

This is expected to be the biggest fashion show in Manchester this summer with many sponsors, bloggers and big fashionista's  rocking any shade of blue at the show.
This will be the first fashion show I am attending to see and not be a part of in Manchester, so I'm excited to see the show and be a part of the Esmie Style media team!

Esmie Style want to bring fashion and hair together as one. Its a fierce industry and its a hard ladder to climb, but Rebecca has invested her entire life into this business. During the shoot I could see her lingering over Amir's shoulder, looking at how the pictures and video was being shot and her stress was sky rocketing.

AND...while all this was going on, Rebecca decided to tell us it was her 22nd Birthday! Even on her birthday she can't take a day off. The dedication and clear love she has for her business is amazing!
So from me to you Rebecca, I hope this new Birthday year brings you everything you want!

Esmie Style have got a few gift bags for people attending the event on the 2nd of August. I'm excited for the show and to all of coming to the event and after party.

Emise and Rebecca have big things planned for this show...
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