A luxurious hair salon, where hair is fashion.
I have the honour of writing this post about a fantastic new hair salon in Manchester. It's tucked away inside Piccadilly house, so when you arrive at the salon it does feel all business-like as you go into a reception and go up to the floor to the salon.

The hair salon has been in Manchester and alive for the past 3 months. The salon has already built up a large following and is constantly booked up.
The salon is run by the lovely Rebecca Gladstone, who I should mention is only 21 years old, invited me over at her salon for a lovely chat, while I ran around the room taking pictures of what I can only describe as a cosy yet classy space, filled with candles, cushions and elegance.

 Rebecca trained at Toni & Guy and left with a goal to start her own business. She had a goal to bring the world of fashion and the world of hair together. She also wanted to remove the stigma that we usually associate with hair dressers: "I asked for my split ends cut off, they've cut 3 inches off!" 

Hair in various cultures is known to show the "health and fortune" of a women. The longer and healthier the hair, the more healthy and wealthy the women.
ESMIÉ Style and Rebecca want to incorporate health and hair together; they want to get involved with the health of their clients hair even after they leave the salon. Because we want our hair feeling fabulous all the time, not just the day we set foot into the salon.

The space in which the salon is currently based in, use to be a a standard 4 man office space with desks, lime green walls and carpeted floors. Rebecca moved into the space and definitely owned it! As you can see in the pictures, the walls are white, the floors are wood and its decorated with monochrome furniture with splashes of gold and silver.
You feel comfortable as soon as you walk in and and the vibes gets you relaxed.

ESMIÉ Style are branching out and have created amazing products. Each one made with hair nurturing ingredients, for example argan oil. The little tag "Changing the way we perceive our hair, one head at a time" shows how important our hair actually is. We straighten, cut, dye and tease our hair beyond belief! So most of us do end up at the salon dreading the tutting noise from our hair dresser.
Talking about these new products to Rebecca also revealed the story behind the name "ESMIÉ Style"... Rebecca's grandmother was named Esmie and she created fantastic potions for the hair, so when picking out the name for her business, there was no better choice apart from her own inspiration.

 At the moment Rebecca has so many in store for the business. ESMIÉ Style are the leading hair stylist at MCR Fashion Industry 'Blue Hues' show (Which I am excited to be covering and blogging about!) and many more things which is all hush hush! So WATCH THIS SPACE!

 ESMIÉ Style offer various options to treat your hair, the most famous and asked for, is the "ESMIÉ BlowDry". I've had one of these and I walked out feeling like a model...till the Manchester weather rained on my parade! Healthy trims - which let me tell you ladies (and Gents) means that they will find those spilt ends and ONLY get rid of those! They will not get rid of the length of your hair! Hence the truthful name of the trim. A trim should just be a trim!

 Now most hair salons and hair dressers are only only 5 days a week...ESMIÉ? 7 days a week! Yes, they're open 7 days a week and are open 9:30am-7:30pm with one hour slots so you are relaxed and treated without the rush to get out of the chair for the next customer.
They also do packages where you and a group of friends can go in to get your hair and make-up done before a special night.
So expect a glass of Prosecco while you and your girls get treated like queens.
So the real question is...are you going to take a seat in the ESMIÉ chair?

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