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have the pleasure of writing about Federal Cafe - Bar based in Manchester, near the Arndale centre. 
Federal is a cute little bar which is constantly busy, with a rustic feel and amazing Australian/ New Zealand brunch inspired menu.
The business only started in November and they certain have a lot of loyal and returning customers, me included. 

The Bar can be mistaken for an alcohol serving bar, but it is in fact a 'Brew Bar', meaning they sell fresh made coffee's and tea's.
During my third visit I took my camera to get some proper pictures of the cafe and have a chat with the team that worked there.
On my Instagram, I posted pictures of my food from the previous 2 times I've visited them...
Smashed Avocado, Poached eggs with smoked Salmon on sour-bread and Green Matcha Tea Latte

Eggs Benedict with Salmon on Bagels and Emily's Banana Bread with vanilla Mascarpone
2 guys in Manchester had explored all of Manchester and its crazy amounts of cafe's/bars/restaurants it could throw at them and realised; "There isn't a place that serves a hearty and healthy brunch, with a good coffee/tea brew bar"
This is how Federal was born. They integrated their ideas with a chef who had worked in Australia- New Zealand and designed their menu.

Their goal was to provide a hearty and healthy brunch to people, while still sourcing ingredients close to home.
If you know me, you'll know how I love handmade and local products, so this was already a definite win in my eyes.
All their ingredients are fresh, organic and free range! The prices aren't ridiculously high, but are fairly priced and the food definitely fills you up, so as a student or super scrimper: SO WORTH IT!

All the food they prepare in the cafe-bar is fresh and all cooked fresh when ordered.
Props to the chef's that work there! The 3 times I've ordered food at the cafe-bar it has been extremely busy and I've thought "OOO, It's going to be a while before I get food...Its only 1 guy cooking" and within 15/20 minutes I get my food sat in front of me.

As you can see my favourite choice I usual go for at Federal is their dishes with smoked salmon. A DEFINITE favourite for me and my friends is Emily's Banana bread, absolutely amazing toasted and my mouth is watering now thinking about it.

Poached eggs, Bacon, Halloumi and Mushrooms on a bed of rocket and Emily's Banana Bread

Salmon bagel with capers, red onion and dill

obviously....Emily's banana bread

As well as the brunch style food they serve, they also do take-away sandwiches, various mouth watering brownies, cakes, Nata's (tarts), breakfast bars and fresh juices.
Nata's and wrapped up breakfast bar

The fresh and handmade 'Superman' Juice by Federal. Super fresh and amazing to drink after a meal.

Espresso shot with Ice cream

Breakfast bar (Oats, Berries, Chia seeds and honey - from what I could taste and see)
I had a lovely chat with the team working there and they explained to me how the business has grown and what they are looking to do in the future.
They have a lot in store for themselves!
All their Barista's are trained in the art of coffee and tea making. They had their set up and training provided by Ozone Coffee Roasters in London, with regular updates. So all you coffee drinkers (Or addicts, like me) will be happy to know your coffee (Or tea! Green Matcha Latte is my forever favourite) is being made by a pro with coffee beans no older then 6 to 15 days!
Their bread supplier at the moment is the Lovingly Artisan based in Kendal, Lake District but these guys are hoping to open up their brand further and start making their own bread! These guys have plans, so its a sure watch-this-space!

The team currently work in a small space (as you can see in the pictures), so its fantastic and surprising to receive a fast, friendly and delicious service.
(L-R) Carla, Chef: Robert Johnson-Dutoit and Vitali
This was the team working on the day I went in! I loved chatting to all of them and its great to see genuine and down to earth people working and building a new business.
Its nice to see something different, that stands out in Manchester, because as a student I've seen and been to a lot of different places and this is a place that just keeps pulling me back!
If you keep up to date with  them on social media (Website - Instgram - Twitter) they have regular special's and chat back to you!

Really happy I could write about this place and will definitely be going again!

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