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So, like the GlossyBox, I decided to sign up for 'Flavourly Box'. A box full of new exciting products for foodies! I wanted to boarden my food palate and try new products that I may be a bit wary of buying in a supermarket.
Firstly the box is packed! You get a lot of different items to snack on and cook with.
 They send you booklet with all the info about the items, cards with discounts and offers and some cards with recipe ideas which is always great when you're discovering a new product.

 I've seen Willie's Cacao chocolates in quirky stores before, but I've just never bought it. They are well known for their chocolate quality and amazing mixes of flavours and tastes. I got the Sea Flake flavoured chocolate and let me just tell you...the taste is very different. I didn't dislike the taste, but it was odd getting the salty tastes through while tasting creamy chocolate. I'm not sure If I'd buy this particular flavour again, but looking at their website, I want to try out some of their other products.
They look super sophisticated and its a definite high class product.

 Fairfields farm crisps! I love it! I love sweet potato anyway, so these crisps were amazing! The flavouring was my favourite too. Its another high end product in the box and because its hand cooked, it has a distinctive quality and I love local (UK based) and handmade products so this was a treat for me. I want to try their various other flavours now!

 So this mixture is a a good one if you're on the go. Its not super oily which was great, because I don't like greasy or oily foods. However this item didn't really get me excited as much as the other stuff in the boxes. But, hey, it's food!

 IN ALL HONESTY, I haven't used this yet! but this a quick kit to use for a 2 person meal to make a Thai red curry. I can see this being a quick way of throwing your spices in and it tasting amazing because you have the right amounts in.

 This really is the best thing! I worked at a festival in Manchester called Parklife and I had to wake up in the morning and walk on to site and it took me a good 30/45 minutes to get to Heaton Park, so I really needed some food that was on the go and wasn't messy. This was it. I'm also training at the gym and controlling my portions of food and this was the correct portion for me of fibre and carbs, so I stayed full till lunch time. You don't need water for this either, all you do is add a table spoon (I added 3 spoons) of water and mix it up and eat it up. I'll definitely be grabbing these again as they're super handy on a busy day and probably cant go in search for milk.

 Urban Fruit has started popping up in huge supermarkets and they are at an affordable price too! I got the strawberry pack and it good! It doesn't look highly appetising (The strawberry is brown/black with white seeds and feels squishy) but the taste is a concentrated strawberry and sugary taste. The fruits are just baked, so nothing more is added to them. So If you're trying to go for a healthier sweet option, I would say this is a good way to go, as its just as sweet as sweets or chocolates. Its also portion controlled so 1 or 2 packs of this a day should be a lot better then a bar of chocolate.

Pitta chips! I tried these on their own and they weren't that interesting. However with dips...its a completely different story! They are super crunchy (might be too hard if you have sensitive teeth) and they don't taste oily or greasy which is great. when you open the packet it looks like miniature sized pitta breads, so they're great to have with dips. I can imagine it at a BBQ rather then a on the go snack product which is what it is being sold as.

I love me some corn! These toasted corn kernels, flavoured with sea salt were really nice. Its not a huge breakthrough in the food world as I've seen a similar product before, but saying that, its again in a small packet which makes it good for portion control...I finished the packet in 20 seconds.

The team at Flavourly team do their own little food mix tubs which is great. This one contained mixed nuts, some covered in chocolate. I popped this into my bag and have a few every time I fancied something sweet or just needed a snack.

OK. SO THIS...IS ACTUALLY THE BEST THING! I'ved used it so much in the past month, the tube has nearly ran out and I'm DEFINITELY buying another one!
So the Umami flavour is the 5th 'flavour' your tongue can taste...so the deliciousness of the food. Its an indescribable taste. I've tasted the paste on its own and its a mixture of garlic, tangy and saltiness.
I would recommend this product even if you're making a pasta dish, it just enhances some flavours and makes your food even more tasty!

I usually travel a lot. I was pretty much at the train station everyday in June, so on the go food is a must for me. Healthy and on the go. I also drink a lot of coffee when I travel, it just keeps me awake, so to compliment that I tried these. These 2 need to had together. Or the spread with some type of biscuit or toast, because to be fully honest, on their own....they ain't that great. The spread tastes like a mixture of butter and Marmite.
But I looked so posh  on the train whipping these out with my train station bought coffee!

Says it on the packaging! I use a teaspoon or table spoon of this in my cooking and I usually don't need to add any other seasoning. Its all just mixed into one. Just makes life a little easier and saves space in my small student kitchen.
I've never used rapeseed oil before, so using this was a different experience. You can also tell the difference in the flavour of your cooked dish with the Lime infused oil. Rapeseed oil is a lot healthier when used correctly and in moderation to what dish you make. So this is a definite recommendation from me. I want to try the chilli infused rapeseed oil next as me and my house mates like a bit of spice.

Thank you for reading this different and foodie post by me! Hope you liked it

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