Revolución De Cuba ; NEW brunch menu

I had the pleasure of going to Revolución De Cuba to try out their new brunch menu. I had 4 of my friends join me to try out a variety of the dishes in the menu. 
Rev's de Cuba is a restaurant/bar where 'normal' food and drinks are served with a Cuban twist. 

It was the first time any of us had ate at Rev's de Cuba, so we were quite excited to see how the food was presented and tasted.
The whole restaurant/bar had a quirky style to it, with wooden and ceramic interior designs, with metal over head fans to give the place a Cuban vibe. There was live music being played in the background which made the atmosphere chilled out and relaxing,

We first ordered drinks, 3 of us went for the coffee options, while the other 2 went for refreshing juices served in small cute bottles.
With our coffees we received a chocolate rich brownie that went well with the bitter, strong coffees. 

Cafe Machiato, with a pot of sugar and the brownie
Cafe Latte
Cafe Mocha, with the bottles juices in the background
It took a while for us to receive the food, and when we did receive them, some of the plates looked quite bare and not how we expected. However we found each dish quite filling and had a lot of flavours going on.

Spanish omlette

Full grilled breakfast

Cubano Benedict

Brekkie Burrito
We were given a spicy rum sauce to go with our food, as well as the usual brown and red sauce. Now, I'm a huge fan of rum and that is Rev's forte!

One of the things we all picked up on from when we arrived was that some of the staff were quite abrupt and it almost felt quite rude. We dismissed it and enjoyed the food we had chosen from the new menu. The food although looked a small portion actually filled us up and we enjoyed the Cuban flavours what would be classed as "British Breakfast Dishes".

The brunch menu was revamped and more options then the previous menu. The setting of the restaurant/bar felt very high end but relaxing at the same time.
I'd definitely like to visit again to try out their Lunch/Evening menu and see if the atmosphere is different when its a different time of the day.

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