Bosu Body Bar

Bosu Body bar. The right nutrition dream and where clean eating is made easy. 
I had the thrill of visiting Bosu Body bar is Didsbury and meet the creators of the brand and idea.
The struggle to find healthy food on the go and ready made is a task.
This is where Bosu just gets it. Fresh products, healthier eating, quick and guilt free takeaways. 

The masterminds of Bosu are Ollie, Josef and Sarah (Click on their names for their individual instagrams), have a lot of experience in the world of fitness and training. 
Josef and Ollie both the creators of JRF health realised it was hard to train people with their nutrition; people were eating the wrong types of food, they weren't getting the right amounts of macro nutrients (Protein, Carbs and fat) or being too busy to cook and prep meals. They wanted to do something about that. 
Sarah, a professional dancer, realised that ballet dancers were becoming more exposed to eating disorders, because they had to maintain a certain weight to get on stage and preform. These dancers had no knowledge of food or nutrition.  
There were 2 extremes....that's when these 3 got together and the idea of Bosu was born.

Now, we as humans love being given options. We love to pick and mix and be the ones to create. Bosu offer that. You can customise what protein to have in your food box and you get the standard mixed side of: Sweet potato mash, fresh spinach, fresh peppers and apple coleslaw. You can add any extras or mix up your proteins. Do you want extra halloumi? Do you want chicken...and steak? Yeah of course you can.

Bosu also offer meal prep deals! You get your whole day sorted...for the whole week. Just to make it easier for clients too, they deliver it straight to you and to ensure that its fresh for you, they have 3 delivery days: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. So you don't have your weeks worth of meal prep sat in the fridge. Lets be honest, if you got your chicken delivered on Monday, you don't really want to be eating that on Friday never mind Sunday. Once again this is customised to what you want and what your goals are. So it doesn't matter if you're a busy mum, van driver or an professional fighter, they got you.

The meal preps are put together by the amazing team working at Bosu, but they don't just do meal preps, you can just pop in to their Chorlton or Didsbury body bar for some healthy pick-me-up food.

Talking to Sarah in the kitchen while she prepped meals and sorted out clients orders, you could see her passion and fire for the brand. As a nutritionist I could relate a lot to the things she was telling me about clients, their goals and how hard it can be to push out the idea of eating healthy. There's an obvious surge of people eating healthily after the Christmas period, but do these people ever stick to it all year around? Do you really have to be an avid gym goer to look and feel better and to eat better food?
Opening their first store in Chorlton and then their second in Didsbury has been a grind. Sarah also mentioned her brother he came from working in an office to giving them a helping hand for a week and falling in love with their passion and idea, to now investing in them and working with them and is the current manager at the Chorlton branch. 
There's a lot more hard work, sweat and effort gone into the brand then just their pretty pictures on instagram. 
With their first birthday of Bosu fast approaching (1st of April), they're already looking to expand their 2 stores further into Manchester and get the people of Manchester to start clean eating. It's not hard with Bosu. 

I arrived at 10:30am at Bosu Body bar and the whole place was already madness. Meal preps being sorted, customers ordering, food being cooked and sorted and juices getting made.

Sarah gave me an insight into their cold pressed juices. Their popular one: Green! 
All their juices are cold pressed to lock in the nutrients. The Green Juice contains, lemon, celery, spinach, and ginger. Its a very strong taste but also very refreshing as you drink it

Everything is picked, pressed, strained and bottled by Sarah's very own hands. Not only does she have to bottle up juices for meals preps, but also for the demanding stream of customers coming into the Bosu stores. All juices are made fresh and Sarah aims to only keep the juices in the fridge for 48 hours, so all the nutrients are still locked in.

But what is the most important meal of the day? BREAKFAST! Bosu Body bar have a wonderful breakfast pots and you are in charge of what goes in there. I opted to have chia pudding, yoghurt, RAWnola, berry smoothie and kiwi. It was delicious! Fresh, not to heavy on the stomach and filling.

The one thing I've found about Bosu body bar is that they take healthy ingredients, that sometimes you just wouldn't have on its own, but when certain ingredients are put together...they just work.
Their healthy recipes and menu was created by chef Paddy. They created these recipes so they didn't have to add extra sugars or salts. After many trials and errors, they have only picked out the best for the customers.

It's definitely a growing business in Manchester and its been amazing to meet the masterminds of Bosu, visit the Didsbury store and get to try out their amazing healthy food. I'll be doing more posts about Bosu has they have a lot more planned for the future, so watch this space and keep up to date with Bosu!

And while you're in there... You might as well have a green tea.

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