"Empowering Women" Bullshit

So I have many many unpublished posts on feminism on my blog. Just sat there. Not published. Why? because I'm scared shitless to say something and everyone interprets it in the wrong way and I'm stuck here in a sticky mess with people thinking they're key board warriors or saviours.
But some thing, has pissed me off.
Photography by me. Location of Art: Manchester, Northern Quarter. Artist: Unknown.

I'm starting to get annoyed with how feminism is perceived. What it actually stands for, in comparison to everyone thinks it stands for. Yeah, ok, everyone has their own opinions blah, blah, blah. But you can't choose to change a definition, a meaning of word.

Feminism: The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of sexes. NOUN.

That doesn't say: women are better then men. It says EQUALITY of sexes. Yeah ok, maybe it sounds one sided because it says -FEM-inist. Maybe Equalist sounds better.
BUT, Feminism is there for women that are oppressed by society. BY SOCIETY. Not just by the male sex, but by SOCIETY.
I mean, on Facebook, there was a guy that posted a status saying: "Happy international women's day! empower each other today! You can go back to slagging each other off tomorrow!"

And it really got me thinking.

Let me give you many examples in my life.
"Priya, that's a boys shirt, you're a girl"
"Shouldn't you like the colour pink?"
"You should know how to cook! What will you do if you get married?"
"Don't sit like that. It's not very ladylike!"
"You're playing football? Right...sure"
"You use to do boxing? Isn't that a man's sport?"

ERM. I'm sure I can do what ever the hell I want. Half of these things were said to me by women. So it's not just men saying "LOL, YOU'RE A GIRL". It's women following aged rules of how a women should act/ behave/ be treated.

This brings me to women, empowering women. I'm not annoyed with men. Many men are proud to call themselves a feminist/ equalist.
But its women knocking women. We're all bitches. The amount of news articles and celebrities put into the spotlight surrounding this whole idea of feminism and empowering women is bothering me.

THIS brings me on to the lovely picture of Kim Kardashian. This is the thing that has set me off on a rant. How people are understanding it or how some people are jumping on band wagons.

SO Kimmy K posted a picture of her naked self covering her 'privates'. To be honest, no idea why she's done that, considering there's that photo shoot she did that should have broken the internet, but didn't. And the 500 other pictures she's posted before.

I didn't really care. It didn't bother me. yeah she got naked. Just like every other time.
Kim said she wanted to empower all women. Why should she be remembered by the sex tape that clearly made her famous, because it was 13 years ago. She's proud with her body, so she's gonna show it off. Kanye don't care. She wants all women to be proud of their bodies, she wants women to be empowered everywhere, across the world. #HappyInternationalWomensDay

ok. Well done. Everyone has their own way to empower themselves. And I'm personally getting bored of the Kardashian's. 

Loads of celebrities messaged her telling her to cover it up or to flaunt it some more. Sharon Osbourne got naked too.

Then Chloe Grace Mortez pipes up. 

Fair shout. young women obviously look up to Kimmy K and have 'goals' to be her or look like her, and Kim is overly sexualised...BUT you know where her fame came from...sorry we forgetting that right?
But then again, Kim can do whatever she wants, she's empowering women.
Till she posted this.

Basically she parred Chloe off. "Your nylon cover is cute boo" - she's talking about Chloe's photo shoot with Nylon, where its a little suggestive.

And now I'm confused. Kim aren't you meant to be empowering women? So why you knocking Chloe down? Throwing shade about.
BUT then Chloe...why you being shady and jumping on band wagons? When did you do a photo shoot, where it's suggestive when you're an advocate of feminism and women using their brains?

WHAT we should all learn from this is: think of your own past, see who looks up to you, empowering can be anything from getting naked to saying "No, I can do that! I can succeed" and believing in yourself.
AND If a fellow women does something; if you don't have a positive comment, don't say shit.


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