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So, If you're a student in Manchester and live in Fallowfield, you should have seen the event : Wahaaay Its a £2.50 buffet! hosted by The Recyclables...If not, you missed out.
These bunch of lovely students are raising awareness of the amount of food that gets thrown away everyday. Partnered up with Manchester city council and their first event done and dusted, they have more ideas and ventures planned...

Katy, Issy, Karolina, Diana, Vivian, Ana, Alex, and Qasim

They had a speaker from Cracking Good Food, talk about how their goal is to educate people about food wastage, and how to eat sustainably and healthily.
The 50% of the food we throw away is from homes (UK). That's about 7 Millions tonnes of food and drink! To put that in terms of money for us students to realise the impact of this: £470 a year! £60 a you know how many nights out you could go on? How many bottles of wine you could buy?... A lot.

Has students, how many times have we forgotten that half a lime from pre drinks at the back of the fridge and you finally find it weeks later going mouldy. Or that bag of lettuce from Sainsbury's, when we were on that detox week? It adds up and its a lot of food that we are throwing away. Funnily enough all the food we throw away is actually salads, fresh fruit and bakery products.

The Recyclables prepared the Indian buffet of Rice, Chicken Curry and Chickpea Curry for £2.50 for each person. 50 people turned up to the event and it was definitely the first successful event. 
Katy, Issy, Karolina, Diana, Vivian, Ana, Alex and Qasim got together and started The Recyclables as University project. They wanted a hands on project and wanted to make a change. With the chance to work the Manchester City council, it was something they couldn't shy away from. They wanted to see the effect of educating the future generations of food wastage and learning how to cook healthily. They knew it was something that they could relate to and could relate to their target audience. 

Has a nutritional science student, it was amazing to see an event such as this. I'm an advocate for less food wastage in households and supermarkets, so learning more about it and seeing the facts put into prescriptive it shocks you. It all adds up, money and waste. 

The Recyclables first event was a success and then there was the extra treat of chocolate cake, made by the team member Issy.
Watch out for more events like this. Its amazing to see changes being made in communities and schools with education of cooking, being sustainable and healthy.
Definitely something to always learn about.

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