London Trip

A massive shout out to Ethan for housing and showing me around London! I had amazing time, felt like a proper tourist and got my self an oyster card! Sights are labelled, art show artists are credited!

Brick Lane 

Wimbledon Graduate art show

Jenny Salisbury - "Frida Kahlo Shrine"

Conor Far - Van Gogh (LINK)

Samuel Swanborough

James Mason - "The hound of Zeus"

Rachel Mao - "four kings fountain" (LINK)

Joana Leitao - "Pandora's Box"

Michela Bruschini - "Jimmy"


Underground Tube shots


I captured this moment of Ethan and Annabel, where Ethan showed Annabel his bowling technique, Bell scored and they celebrated. Cute as hell...

Canary Wharf 

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