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I feel like I really really need to address this, because it pisses me off.
In our new age world of phones and the all mighty internet, we think that we're phD graduates after reading 1 article on a subject and we will argue that point till the end of time.
I personally research subjects that interest me, maybe because I'm a nerd, maybe because I like to know what I'm talking about and maybe because I like to educate myself. A lot of people don't do this.
They believe anything. The amount of 20- plus year old's I know, who are so brainwashed and gullible, really shocks me. What shocks me even more is that they'll argue their point with me for hours "Because I read that article on facebook".
Stop. Check your source, is it coming from a scientific journal or Jo the Juice plus seller on facebook? Educate yourself correctly.
I study nutritional sciences. I am educated by accredited tutors at a legitimate university and have hands on experience in labs and gyms. Do not tell me I can't eat carbohydrates after 6pm because you read it on a fitspo instagram page.

The latest trend is nutrition and politics. I'm going to just stick with talking about nutrition, because I really don't want to get wound up.
So recently, has we have been stepping foot into the summer season, a lot more people are craving that beach body look. To go with that I've had people giving ME nutritional advice as I'm shovelling lasagna into my mouth... don't tell a girl cheese and pasta is gonna make her fat.
"I mean, if the pasta was brown pasta and the cheese was low fat..." erm, shush yer lips.

I go to the gym, I do yoga, I skip rope and occasionally train with my nunchucks cause I think I'm Bruce lee. So I know I'm fit. I'm not ripped granted, but that's not my goal.
I've noticed how people who don't know their nutrition become personal trainers or are professional athletes. When you have a wanna-be professional boxer ask you "Is brown rice better than white bread" you have to do a double take. But people believe what they do. Instagram is a killer for this. I mean, props to people who have lost weight or are getting ripped and post progression pictures. Getting ideas from what they post is alright, but preaching your methods to everyone and creating exercise and diet plans for OTHER people, especially when you're not accredited, with what worked for YOU, just isn't right.
With nutrition, you have your fundamental building blocks. Protein, carbohydrates and fats. Think of them as scales that slide up and down. You identify a problem, you monitor what you do, you change the scales slowly and see how your body reacts. Its not a "CUT ALL CARBS, EAT ONLY FISH" game. You will shock your body. It will react. Has a nutritionist, I'm only allowed to make suggestions and advise, the rest is up to whoever it may concern.

One new story which has come to light and to be honest really doesn't shock me in the nutrition world and the world of media is that a 'Wellness Guru' has been lying.
She posed as having a terminal illness (Brain cancer), a heart condition and claimed that changing her nutrition by eating wholesome food and lifestyle saved her.
I first spotted her 2 years ago on Instagram... I followed her. This Australian instagram famous blogger had created an app and a recipe book claiming she had stopped chemotherapy and was, once again, healthy. She had over 100 thousand followers. However, when I started noticing her posts on my feed it started annoying me. I had just applied for university, so I wasn't even learning about nutrition at this point, but the things she posted really bothered me. Yes, raw veg is great, If you want to cut gluten out, cool; but she was preaching that it helped her recover from her terminal illness, there were people writing in the comments about how they planned to pull out of chemo and surgery, buy her "The Whole Pantry" app and live their life healthier.

Nutrition can be a prevention and sometimes even the cause of illnesses, not a cure, especially with terminal illnesses. Cancer is mutations of the cell caused by a trigger. I unfollowed her.
It's now 2016 and a reporter had finally cracked her. She is a fraud. She lied to  millions of people about an illness she didn't have. She had no doctors reports, no medication. She even lied to her family. She made a profit from not only the shock factor of her beating science and was curing her cancer using nutrition but from the awe of millions of cancer patients around the world who thought they finally had hope. There's a lot more that she lied about and if you want to see the report 'just click here'.

Yes, this is biggest and most craziest example of social media brainwashing I can show you, but it shows the extent of lies and why you should be picky in what you believe on social media. I can only tell you, don't believe everything you read, research it if you have genuine interest, it feels quite amazing when you're clued up and know the positives and the negatives.
When it comes to nutrition there's a warped perception on it and even legitimate websites can have outdated information. Nutrition is unique to everyone, moulded against the persons needs and the bodies needs. Its easy to be and stay healthy in this day and age, its just a case of sticking to it and occasionally treating yourself. Everything in moderation is better for the body, your mind and sanity. If you want that chocolate, you just gotta have the chocolate.

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