So you're Bi?

Means you're sexually attracted to both genders.

HOWEVER - Questions still get thrown about. Is it a phase? Are you actually just gay? nahhhh. Usually the questions are thrown from both heterosexuals and homosexuals. Bisexuality almost seems like a phase to some people. Hetero's think you're gay and Homo's think you're trying to be attention seeking.

So... the questions I get thrown?

"Bet you play the field, cheat a lot?"

No. Cheating can be done by anyone. Not just by someone who identifies themselves as being bi. No. I don't cheat. I never have and definitely never will, because I've been cheated on and trust me...It ain't that great.
As for playing the field... sometimes its hard to "play" the field. Being a Bi women, I tend not to tell people, because I feel like it attracts the wrong attention. Men who like the thought of it in their head, or women who think you'll be a "slag" and are willing to give "any" female a go.
Its not true. Its made me more damn picky, that's for sure. I'm currently in my "What have I got to lose(?)" phase. I'm picky, yet, I'm going with the flow.

"OMG, Just choose a team!"

No. That's just how I feel. I don't care. It's not a game. Its feelings. My feelings or anyone whose Bi will tell you, it's not about choosing. Its just normal.
I've been asked "How do you know the difference between finding someone attractive and then wanting to get with them?" Well, I differentiate. Yeah, I've walked past a girl in town, made eye contact and then quickly turned back around for a double take. AND DON'T TELL ME YOU'VE NOT DONE THAT! but its like being straight and hanging out with a guy mate and then getting on it with a guy. Its different. It's also very hard to explain. So if you're my friend and you're getting changed in front of me, I'm looking at you as a friend and nothing more. Probably get jealous of how that dress looks on you, but I'm not going to jump on you.
Another question to go along with this is "So you're a girl when your with guys, but are you the girl or the guy in a relationship with a girl?" Well, I identify has a female, therefore I would be the girl in both..? Yeah some girls may dress more masculine, but we're at the time in the world where gender shouldn't be judged by the clothing and we wear what we wear.


No. Ok, maybe I lie. No. You think of being with that 1 someone. Not 2 people. It shouldn't be the first question or within the first 30 questions you ask. It could be one of the questions you ask you in the future with someone. You're dating someone for them, not what your dirty mind is thinking. It's just a bit rude thinking that a Bi person would do that. Straight people do it too! So you can't just assume being Bi they're immediately up for it. Just sayin'

"So are you half gay?"

Bisexuality is it's own thing. I don't wake up one day and think "Imma be feeling 85% gay, just girls for me today!". If I was to go on a date with either a girl or guy, it would be the same for me. I can equally as much get with a girl, as I would a guy. I can be in a relationship with a girl as much as I've been with a guy.

"Will you ever settle down?"

Bisexuality isn't about prancing around going "WAYYYY, I'M GONNA GET WITH EVERYONE!" It's just being attracted to both sexes. I will eventually settle down. Eventually with kids. Eventually with a family. Still want all of that.

"How did you know you were bi? Which do you prefer?"

I don't know? When I was 15 I fancied this girl loads, like LOADS (Who, I then dated later on in life), but it felt weird. I couldn't tell anyone that I fancied her. I was suppose to fancy guys, right? I got to 16 and I just knew that I fancied girls just as much as I did boys. I didn't tell anyone. I only ended up telling a few close friends when I turned 19 and they were all quite surprised at how confident I said it to them. I became self aware and I didn't want to just tell people with being confident with it myself. As to the preferring...I don't know. I've "seen" more guys than girls, granted, doesn't mean I prefer one to the other. Its like saying "Do you prefer ex boyf 1 or 2?" Both different In their own ways..

Not a lot of people know this about me. I tend not to tell a lot of people, just because of assumptions that may be made and well Its my decision if I say or not. I decided to make this post because there's a lot things people assume about different sexuality and orientations. So from my own experience I decided to get brave and finally write this.

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