The Androgynous Style

Androgyny / Androgynous

                       [an-droj-uh-nuh s]  adjective

2. Having both masculine and feminine characteristics
4. Neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance 

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This post follows my '"Empowering Women" Bullshit' post and in a way my "So, you're Bi?" post too.
I brought up the fact that I've had people question me in the way I dress and sometimes how 'masculine' I dress. The lack of girly colours and items of clothing in my wardrobe is very apparent. Big and baggy tops and shirts are my style, paired with leggings or skinny jeans and trainers. Its like I'm stuck in 2010 in my wanna-be skater girl phase.
But that style, that fashion, those clothes work for me. I'm comfortable in them.
I've had old friends come up to me and say "You're still Priya! You haven't changed" , I'm fine with that. I've grown up a lot, but I am quite happy that I'm still me and haven't lost myself in what people want or expect of me.

During my first year of university, I noticed my dress sense more. It didn't matter to me at school and sixth form, because I grew up with those people around me. When I came to university, I suddenly felt like I needed to impress someone.
I noticed the girls and guys around me.
I felt like I related to the guys more then I did to the girls. Even on nights out, the difference was apparent to me.
I over analysed. Then it got me thinking of gender fluidity and where the boundaries met.
There's many times this year I've exclaimed "I'm gonna be more girly, got a handbag and I got a dress". Yeah, I still have "feminine" characteristics in the way I dress. I'm not wearing a baggy top on a night out, I will doll myself up on an occasion. I just jump here and there, but then fashion is also fluid, right?

Why should clothing be gendered? I constantly find myself in the men's section of shops, shuffling through different railings and finding myself with a basket full of baggy tops, shirts, hoodies and even the occasional accessories.
When you do wear gender specific clothes, you seem to get certain comments loosely thrown at you; "That's baggy, do you own any tight fitting clothes?" "You could girl yourself up more" "Looking extra lesbian today Pri" "Is that your boyfriends?"
It doesn't bother me because I grew wearing what I wanted to wear. I desperately wanted to rock up to year 11 prom wearing a suit, but my parents thought I was being odd and trying to be a rebel, so ended up going to my prom wearing a traditional Indian sari.

I think fashion is becoming more fluid. From the simple 1920's with girls wearing dresses and men wearing suits, to 2016 with girls wearing jeans and guys wearing heels and dresses.

With fashion, brands and labels are noticing this change and are removing gender specific clothing. How many guys do we know who wear "womens" skinny jeans and you you have no idea unless they tell you or you seeing their size 10 New Look labelling. Many brand are also reinventing gender-less clothing cough Zara cough, but often fall short to just being main lounge wear. Skirts for guys and suits for girls is what everyone is hoping for. It's still an area of fashion people are shy to explore unless its on the catwalk or if you're a crazy outgoing individual.

It doesn't really matter where you are in the fashion world, how you dress and what you throw together. It's an expression. So me wearing "mens" gendered clothes, is me being comfortable in what I wear and how I feel. So I'm neither here nor there. I'm just Priya dressing up like Priya

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