I had the pleasure of interviewing and photographing Liam Banks-Carr, stage name: DJ HYPHEN for a feature on my website, but also for the new movement #SupportYourMates, which will be looking at the small time movers and shakers that are exploding on their scene.

Hyphen, the Manchester based music producer and DJ in grime/garage/jungle/drum and bass, is certainly exploding onto the scene. He's the resident DJ for Tempa T. With his next big gig being Outlook festival it would be hard not to interview the fresh faced and passionate music maker.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from everyone and everything around me. It could be something as simple as an advert on the telly, and I imagine how the music could be improved or changed...something I actually do quite a lot, with the music I listen to.
I'd struggle to pinpoint any single thing that inspires me because so many things do. from the music I grew up around, to DJ's I have seen live, to bands I've seen perform. The list is endless! It's all around us. You just have to find it!

How has social media helped you get noticed?

Social media is difficult. You have to work out what works best; for example: what content to post, what time to post this content, how to brand yourself, do you want to advertise?
For me it's helped a lot and I would't be where I am right now without it. Everyone is so glued to their phones nowadays...It would be difficult to make a name for yourself without it.

How Important is it to you when friends share you stuff?

For me when my friends share anything I've posted about my music, it's such an awesome feeling. It's their recognition that means the most and having the people you love around you, tell you they are proud and excited about what you're up to, is just sick!
Of course I post a lot of content and I wouldn't expect them to be sharing absolutely everything I post...but every now and then is nice. Everyone should support their mates after all.

#SupportYourMates - How do you feel about it? Do you Think it's important when joining a creative industry?

Yeah I have a pretty strong opinion on this. People are spending hundreds of pounds a year on seeing the top dogs! Which of course, after what they've done and are doing, they are worth it. That's fine. But when people are doing that and then not bothering to support their mates everyone now and then, whether it be buying their new track or catching their latest set, then it's an absolute joke.
SUPPORT YOUR MATES PLEASE! The photographers, the DJ;s, the singers, the instrumentalists, the fashion designers...and not just your mates. All things local. It's nice to indulge yourself every now and then into buying that new Tee that 'big brand' have just dropped. But why not buy one of your mates Tee's every now and then? Support what they're doing? Come on. Get it done.

Keep an eye out for this guy. #SupportYourMates

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