27 September 2017

Budget Beauty: Makeup Remover

I've started a new series called Budget Beauty.
I'm not a huge product user. I bought my first foundation aged 19 and didn't know what contouring was till I was at University. I'm also very use to being skint all the time, as my brain just screams "TREAT YO SELF" every payday and I'm suddenly buying everything that makes me go "OOOO".
After a lot of self control and living the budget beauty life now for 2 years, I thought I'd share my knowledge. So, I'm starting off with the Primark Makeup Removing cloth. Just add water.

Is it a face flannel? possibly. Is it bright pink? Unfortunately, yes.
So I'm lazy. I sometimes forget to take my makeup off at night. Then my skin throws a tantrum for about 3 days after. By this point I've forgotten to take my makeup off the second and third night too, so world war zit is breaking out on my face. 
My skin is weird. Are you oily? Are you dry? Are you Combo? Are you confused? I don't know! I struggled with acne and oiliness. Now I just seem to have patches of dry. So using a makeup wipe sort of sets my skin off into a ruckus and I've had an allergic reaction to a few of them too. 
I try and stick to my face wash, scrubs and masks.

"Then wash your face mate"
Well...try getting home after a 14 hour work day or a night of seshing and successfully taking your slap off. Nah. Some girls have cleansers, toners and lotions to help them through. I use to be that girl when I worked at LUSH when everything I owned was LUSH and I lived, breathed and smelled like LUSH. But I'm also very lazy and don't get discounts anymore and buying Lush products are a rareity.

So when I ventured into Primark, I had a wonder around their makeup section. Primark's selection has grown. They do makeup, makeup brushes, skin care products and perfumes. Now I don't like the colour pink, but this floresent cloth caught my eye. The £1.50 on the side caught my eye too. So I thought, "HEY, lego"

Use age: really bloody good. So cause I'm lazy, I just use water. Dampen the cloth in warm water, hold it on your face to melt the slap and swipe it off. Fold it as you swipe, so you're not re-applying the makeup back on. Rinse the cloth and repeat. Just to make sure.
Its the same process as with a face wipe, but face wipes contain all the chemicals in it.
Here are some pictures, the lighting is shit, but that's because its hella late when it comes to removing makeup from my face.
So here's me looking like a deer in the headlights.

I give a thumbs up to the makeup remover cloth from Primark. I would recommend buying 2, so you can use 1 while the other one is in the wash, cause obviously, its like a towel so it needs washing at some point.

£1.50. Budget Beauty.


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  1. out here writing my life on your blog. now i just need to see if i can get a pair of these to the U.S.

    thank you for this! ��


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