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Here she is! Here I am! Happy 2018!
I'm about 2 months late, but better late then never ever at all! 
If you are a friends or a social media vulture, you would have noticed, I jumped on a flight and left the UK, with my partner in crime/boyfriend/great hooman. 
Actually, I'm in a completely different timezone! I'm 11 hours ahead of the UK, which of course means I'm in Australia. 

We went travelling around India; which was a magical and surreal experience. A lot of culture and curry that's for sure. I'm actually going to write about the trip! 4 weeks of India into 7 chapters. It'll be a new way of writing for me, but something I definitely want to explore and something I hope you'll enjoy. I'm not going to tell anymore, but eyes open for those! 

Annndddd, now we're in Australia! Currently hitting up the farm life, picking grapes and sweating in the 35 degree heat. 
Travelling is something we both wanted to do; hence why we ruined our social life for the last 4 months in England, apart from the fact we worked in hospitality and everyone who works in the industry knows not to have a life around Christmas and new year. 
I lost motivation, creative juice and inspiration. I was just focused on getting away. So, these *almost* 2 months have been a blessing. I found some inspiration, drank a lot of juice and caught a lot of sun. I'm hoping this year, I do some shit. Some new tingz. 
I've said this before on countless blog posts, but I had valid excuses like university, work and the weather. If I use the same excuses here; I'm not doing something right. 
Me and the great hooman have also decided to do things more independently to get the full aussie experience. I definitely have no excuses anymore!

So like always, watch this space... hopefully I won't be months late this time

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